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When Students Become "Authors" at SIS-Adma!
When Students Become "Authors" @SABIS®-Adma!
To help students get motivated about reading and writing, the SLO® introduced National Novel Writing Month...
"Fit Bite" at SIS-Adma
"Fit Bite" @SABIS®-Adma!
In this event, @SABIS®-Adma’s SLO® Sports and Health Department collaborated with Juventus Club in order to help...
Trip to Funscape!
In my opinion, @SABIS®-Adma’s trip to “Funscape” was one of the best trips...
Mock MUN
Mock MUN @SABIS®-Adma(2)!
@SABIS®-Adma’s High School MUN delegation met up for a mock simulation...
SIS-Adma’s Middle School MUN delegation!
@SABIS®-Adma’s Middle School MUN delegation!
@SABIS®-Adma’s Middle School MUN delegation did a wonderful job during the final conference at LAU...
A Success Story SIS-Adma!
A Success Story @SABIS®-Adma!
‘Our Alumni .... Our Pride’ @raniafeghaly
Congratulations SIS-Adma's Girls PE Teams!
Congratulations @SABIS®-Adma's Girls PE Teams!
Congratulations to @SABIS®-Adma Girls’ Futsal team...
SABIS® Educational Summer Camp!
@SABIS® Educational Summer Camp!
We are pleased to announce the dates for the 2019 SABIS® Educational Summer Camp...
SIS-Adma Students On The Slopes! Part 1
@SABIS®-Adma..On The Slopes(1)!
Grade 4 to 6 @SABIS®-Adma’s students got to enjoy a ski weekend getaway...
World Cancer Day at SIS-Adma
World Cancer Day @SABIS®-Adma!
@SABIS®-Adma’s SLO® Social Responsibility Department shed the light on World Cancer Day through their Lemon-Aid...
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