SIS-Adma Students Take the Gold at the 12th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament

SIS-Adma Students Take the Gold at the 12th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament

On April 4, 2019, SIS-Adma students participated at the 12th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament, which took place at the International School of Choueifat – Manama in Bahrain.

The three-day sports tournament takes place every other year and brings together students from SABIS® schools in the region to showcase their athletic talent, team spirit, and sportsmanship. This year, teams competed enthusiastically in swimming, basketball, soccer, sprint, relay, and long jump.

The event attracted over 1,000 students, parents, coaches, and members of staff from 24 SABIS® schools located in 13 countries including Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and United Arab Emirates.

Here’s what our students and parents had to say about the event:

“This was my third time participating in the SABIS® Regional Tournament in swimming. This year was great! The staff were always welcoming and helpful and I had the opportunity to meet athletes from SABIS® schools all over the world. Through physical education you learn to push yourself to limits and expose yourself to great opportunities and different aspects of life. I recommend this opportunity to others because you push yourself out of your comfort zone from socializing with people you never met before to pushing yourself to get the best results out of yourself.”    

Tracy Chemaya, Grade 8


“Having the chance to represent my school in Regionals in front of hundreds of students from all over the world was amazing. Traveling to Bahrain allowed me to meet tons of unforgettable people from different cultures and to make everlasting memories. SABIS® lets every student explore their passion for sports and pushes them to fulfill their dreams.”  

Fadi Bandaly, Grade 10


SIS-Adma students came out with two gold medals in swimming and a bronze medal in the long jump. Tracy Chemaya, Grade 8, was awarded gold for both Under 16 Swimming Crawl and Under 16 Swimming Backstroke. As for the Under 16 Long Jump, Fadi Bandaly earned the bronze.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of my daughter. Participating in the Regional Tournament held in Bahrain was an amazing experience that reiterates the importance of sports in life. It also, allowed her to connect and interact with students from different regions.

As a parent, I would like to express gratitude to every member of your staff that made this possible: coaches, organizers, management, and the SLO® department, for constantly encouraging academic and sports excellence.” 

Mrs. Cherine Nawfal, Grade 4 Parent

Congratulations to all students for their participation! We are looking forward to the next tournament in 2021.

SABIS® International School – Adma

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